369 Butternut St, Middletown, CT

(860) 788-6892

Licensed by the State of CT



My son has been going for almost a month now and we really love it. He warmed up to the stand so quickly. He runs in happy and smiling every morning he doesn't even say bye when we leave him. the staff is amazing and are always in great communication. I'm glad we chose Home on the Grange!!

- Dani H,


The center has provided a fun and friendly education for my daughter. She comes home daily with new projects, facts about what they are learning and excitement to learn more. She is well prepared for Kindergarten!

- Bethany L,


There is nothing but great things happening here! I would recommend choosing this center!

- Jack F,

Quality Care

The staff and directors are truly amazing. They provide quality care, safe environment and enriching curriculum. I'm so thankful my experience here has been awesome!

- Lisa J,

Safe Environment

My husband and I chose Home on the Grange because it was very clean, bright, and friendly. The center had excellent security and safety policies. The educational program is very interactive and fun filled for all children! It has been 3 years and we are still more than happy with our choice to come here for our 2 boys!!

- Jessica O,