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Our Programs

Infant Program: Ages 6 weeks - 12 months

Our infant program provides a warm, nurturing and friendly environment that is tailored toward your child's individual needs. Our teachers provide your child with an environment that is conducive to sensory based learning through tummy time, floor play and assistance to developmentally grow. Our nursery is filled with color, music and developmentally appropriate toys.

Your child's schedule is made in partnership with parents & staff. All parents receive a daily log providing them with information regarding your child's day. Our nursery provides comfort and encouragement to build your child's self-esteem and confidence.

Young Toddler Program: Ages 12- 24 months

Our young toddlers program provides a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere that offers young ones time to grow. To continue to enhance your child's development, we provide a variety of early learning and sensory based activities. Our teachers are committed to helping your child continue to make strides physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Circle time allows opportunity for your child to express their individuality along with being part of a group. Story time, music and movement, art and free play are also incorporated into their day. Our curriculum is enhanced by our early education teachers and early educational consultants.

Toddler Program: Ages 24 - 36 months

Our toddler classroom provides an inviting and exciting atmosphere for children to start a new exploration of a more classroom type setting. Age appropriate learning centers are welcoming as children begin to explore interest areas. Circle time allows the children to begin learning in a group setting by sharing new songs, telling stories, greeting one another, introducing animals and their sounds, learning shapes, colors, numbers, and discovering sensory activities.

The children are encouraged to work and play together as they continue to develop their social skills. With consistency and patience, we support children through their potty training and keep continued communication with parents to keep you informed. Our curriculum is enhanced by our early education teachers and early educational consultants.

Pre-School Program: Ages 3 to 5 years old

In our pre-school program the children are now part of a larger group with more structure and directed activity time. The children begin to discover more independence through simple direction and also participate in more focused group activities. During their circle time, the children will learn to introduce themselves, review calendars, weather, recognize their names, remember letters of the alphabet and much more.

The children will be exposed to many different learning centers that are set up throughout the classroom where they can explore and express their own interests. These centers include: art, reading, science, pre- math, sensory exploration, library, manipulating computer, home (role play/ dress up) where teachers create, flower shops, mail rooms, stores etc… Motor skills, artistic expression, sensory exploration, language skills, math and self help skills will be introduced and expanded. Becoming independent is a huge step for this age group and will be fostered through positive direction and understanding.